🇹🇭 Penbaan Homestay, เป็นบ้าน เป็นเขา เป็นนา เป็นน้ำ, Nan


While searching for Mlabri tribe location, ended up in a tiny village along scenic Route 4010. Passing by resident realized I am kinda lost and offered help to locate the tribe. Turns out, she (Khun Para Singh) owns an amazing homestay 20 meters down the road. Spent her entire life in Bangkok, finally quit big city and settled here permanently. THB 1000 per night, includes tastefully furnished rooms with showers, safe parking, free dinner on day of arrival and breakfast following day. You may even sleep in tent conveniently placed just in front of the room or set your own camp at the terrace (for the price of THB 300). Homestay offers magnificent views of nearby rice fields and mountains, featuring little creek running right through the property. This video features my second visit, barely a month later accompanied with two of my riding pals and camera team.

Property details:

Penbaan Homestay, Nan: 18.18317, 100.53606
Booking contact, Khun Som: 064-998-8894

63 ม.4 บ้านห้วยเย็น ต.ปิงหลวง อ.นาหมื่น จ.น่าน
Nan, Thailand 55180

Nguồn: https://chungcumyphuoc.com

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