2018 iPad Pro VS 2020 iPad Pro!


AppleInsider compares the previous 3rd generation iPad Pro against the brand new 2020 iPad Pro including specs, design, and what you should know!

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38 thoughts on “2018 iPad Pro VS 2020 iPad Pro!

  1. The existence of the A12Z, which largely seems the same as the A12X plus one GPU core and thermal optimization, solidifies for me that Kuo is still saying this will be updated twice this year, this update, and then mini LED and A14X at the end of the year.

  2. I like it and I like the keyboard design. I feel like the keyboard should come bundled with the iPad with only one price tag. I like laptops because they come together.

  3. Stop making fake thumbnail like you have actual products.
    If you wanna review it wait until next week. How many fake videos are you gonna make until next week ?
    What is wrong with you ?

  4. That iPad he had was just a dummie iPad for what they thought the iPad would look like before it was released because it doesn’t have the same camera layout has the 4th gen

  5. It only makes sense to get this if u are just buying your first ipad pro,barely any difference and honestly who the hell using a camera on a giant tablet ? I used it maybe 5 times just to try it and thats it. Save some cash and buy the 2018 and wait another 2 years and get the new one with the new display!

  6. I’ve been considering getting a iPad so I can cut down my phone use. Since this is releasing soon, I’ll most likely preorder the 11 inch.

  7. I still will be using my first gen 9.7 inch pro 🤣 won’t upgrade until Mini or micro led is used on the iPads.

  8. I'm was not going to change my 2018 ipad pro (11) – until, i heard that it offers trackpad.

    still, i hope the keyboard for 2020 ipad pro is backward compatible with my 2018 ipad pro

  9. I'm so confused.
    What's the difference between the 2018 iPad Pro and the 2018 iPad Pro with a sticker on the camera?

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