Composed by Anil Singh.
Written By Laxman Gurung.

Guitars : Sanjeev Baraili
Song Recorded / Mixed by Prajwal Raj Pradhan
Music Video : Anmol Gurung
Production Manager : Pemela Sherpa
Mastered and Executive Producer : Adrian Pradhan

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© Adrian Pradhan.


36 thoughts on “ADRIAN PRADHAN – SARA KHUSHI (Unplugged)

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    #SupportNepaliMusic #SupportNepaliArtist

  2. I listen to this masterpiece at least once every day. It’s is so soothing and makes you remember the best times

  3. i'm 25 years old… ani ma yo maya pirati kura haru bata dherai maathi uthisake tara pani yo geet sunepaxi kassam over vittra kaha k hunxa hunxa???…. tara yo sabda ra sangeet ani tapaiko swoor maa kasam vanna sakdina ….over lagxa dai

  4. Sanjeev da you are brilliant ❤. Ive never seen such a clean nepali guitarist ever and i hope ill never see one. And the video is so homely. Wonderful Adrian da

  5. Adrian dae is legend ,no worries on that but listenting this song feels like sanjeev dae is singing and echo as adrian dae

  6. dai,got attached with your songs in jst a month ans i m really enjoying of ur song is in my daily shedule.
    love and respect

  7. Malai pahile ko vanda derai man paryo dai❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵👌👌👌👌🌻

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