Ballroom e Youkoso opening 1


Instrumental from じじじ じじじ :
His nico account :
The voice is from NEO :
His soundcloud:

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  1. 1sec de KONTAKUTO  2sec soshite check my toe
    3sec o-te wo douzo, right?

    KACHIKOCHI to haguruma ga mawaridasu  kedo noseta kataashi dake susundeku
    Hen da na  dou yatte kokyuu wo shiteru no ka wakaranai mama hibi ga rolling playing shite iku

    Kanjinkaname no HAATO ga utawanai  doushita  hiyorimishugi gafuku ga hitsuyou kai?
    Kuukiyon ja DAME na toki mo tama ni wa aru kara  1beat, sanbi, hi wo tsukete!

    Kodomo damashi like such a MERODORAMA? Waratteiru dake nara o-yobi ja nai ze
    Saa junjou KOODINEETO  chotto kigaetara
    Doko e demo ikeru sa  DOA wa akete oitanda yo, kanade tamae

    TEIKU MII AUTO! Terenagara te wo nigittara gyoukou na RIZUMU wo o-me ni kakemashou
    Kimi ga donna fuu ni sekai to odoru no ka  mottainai kara chottozutsu oshiete hoshiinda
    TEIKU MII AUTO! Hyakujuu-PAASENTO no SHINPASHII  RINKU shitatte shibaraku naisho ni shiyou
    Datte konna kimi wo chikaku de mireru no wa  yuushi'irai boku dake kamo  nee

    1sec de KONTAKUTO  2sec soshite check my toe
    3sec o-te wo douzo, right!

  2. When I was younger I said I would never watch a sports anime yet here I am crying while watching Yuri on ice and this show. They make me appreciate these sports while having more interesting characters than most new shonens cough Demon slayer cough could ever. Even though people wouldn't consider ballroom dancing a sport, shows like this beautifully demonstrate the balance of mental and physical power it takes to do any performance. We get to see characters who are normal sweat and breath heavily as they set their eyes on the crowd applauding them after a performance they work so long on and put their heart in soul into. It's a feeling so magical you can't but feel inspired. Words can not express my admiration for arts and sports alike the journey is just as important as the finale. I just love this show.

  3. Funny story: so, about a month and a week or two ago, I found the manga of this (without knowing there was an anime!) and I absolutely fell inlove! I was never one who liked “sports” anime, I didnt like skam dunk, kuroku and the likes, I have no idea why I even started reading it! So anyways, I finished the manga, all the way to chapter 50 (can’t wait for the updates!) and I re-read it once. And our grandmas surprise birthday was coming, so me and my family went off to the airport to travel to grandmas to surprise her. About 8 hours before the surprise starts, we got notified that all the grandchildren (which includes me) would have to ballroom dance with our grandma, now I almost thought this was some trickery by the Gods, me having just finished a manga about ballroom dancing, a month later I get asked to ballroom dance! There was an instructor, and when it came to teach me, he was surprised how “knowledgable” I was about ballroom dancing, despite we literally having zero training beforehand.

  4. This was at one point in my top 10 all time. It's still up there. Can't wait for a season 2 if we ever get one

  5. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong neck.


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