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22 thoughts on “BIG REVEAL BOYZ! RogersBase One Piece 974 Manga Chapter Live Reaction | ワンピース 974

  1. A comprehensive list of the hints Oda put throughout the story

    Kanjuro :
    – endangered the whole alliance with his net in Dressrosa.
    – was stressed about what Usopp was going to do with his drawing.
    – was absolutely relaxed when he was found "in captivity".
    – Doffy gave him no bounty.
    – Kanjuro put his hands over Kinemon's when they were climbing Zou so that he could not see the monkey.
    – was the only one with Kinemon to know if Raizo being in Zou, but NOT where Raizo was hidden which is exactly why Jack could go to Zou but couldn't go directly where Raizo was.
    – was the only one whose reaction to seeing the Kozuki clan loyal followers 20 years later wasn't shown.
    – was the only one who didn't help a single time during the recruit of Samurais in Wano.
    – literally sent carrier pigeons the second he travelled to the future as we see in chapter 920.
    – was told where Hiyori was kept hidden alongside the other scabbards.
    – was said in Oden's flashback to have been persecuted in the past, in line with his Kurozumi background.
    – stopped Shinobu from stopping Law's reckless rescue of his friends, in later chapters, Hawkins says that he knew that he was coming and was prepared.
    – heard Nami, Robin and Shinobu's talk about the bath in chapter 934, the very next chapter, Hawkins barges in the bath knowing rebels are there.
    – saw that Yasuie was still alive and the VERY NEXT CHAPTER Yasuie was captured and crucified.

    Kanjuro is based on Yamada Emosaku, painter that turned out to be a traitor in the story of Shogun Tokugawa.

    Probably a lot more I'm missing.

    Edit : a lot of these were found by Marco One Piece Theorist, his video on the traitor is incredible.

    from Clyde from Brgao's 974 reaction

  2. Aside from Oden, do you think kanjiro''s will to die also impacted Kadio to seek Death?

    There is a panel where Orochi explains Kadio about Kanjiro in the chapter.

  3. You guys that knew about Marco's theory with those facts and didn't buy it just want to get surprised by the sake of it.
    I thought we weren't many that believed he was doing goofy drawings on purpose

  4. 🔥Gekko Moria will bring Chad Oden back to life in this arc. I'm not sure who is going to fight him but it could be Zoro. 🔥

  5. This is gonna sound so weird but I always had this one girl in my class who looked exactly like you. And now that you say you’re from Chicago, I feel like there’s a strong possibility that I went to school with who may potential be your younger sister 😂

  6. It really sucks that Kanjuro is the traitor. He was one of my favorite characters from Wano, honestly.

  7. it's verry obvious, back in dressrosa arc when kanjuro eat he use the right arm and when he help kinemon and zoro to push the bird cage he use his brush right handed but when he draw he always use his left hand

  8. "You better kill this ronald mcdonald-looking dude right now" best insult for an anime character traitor ever!!!😂😂

  9. this has to be the biggest twist ever.. forget the merry being alive …Sabo being alive..Roger being aces dad…Kumas betrayal…Roger having the strawhat.. and shanks meeting the elders…How can a Series just keep getting better

  10. It's funny, while Kanjuro's reveal as Orochi's mole did surprise me in the moment, I feel like it was less because I didn't think that much off him and almost forgot about him completely compared to some of the other members of the Akazaya Nine than about it legitimately being unexpected. In retrospect, certain aspects about Kanjuro kind of made it a wee bit obvious that he'd be the one who wasn't really on the side of the good guys, stuff like being fine when Kin'emon find him in Dressrosa despite supposedly being imprisoned, his reason for joining Oden in the first place feeling comparatively weak when you consider why everyone else joined him, how Orochi and Kaido knew about their movements and thus knew they were heading to Zou, despite the fact that only Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Momonosuke, and presumably Kikunojo knew about it, to stuff that I didn't realize upon revisiting Kanjuro's history in One Piece, such as the fact that he always draws with his left hand even though he uses his right hand when fighting with a sword, or that he supposedly used a drawing of a dragon to climb up to Zou just to mess with Kin'emon because he knows Kin'emon hates dragons, even though the reason for Kin'emon hating dragons is Kaido, which would mean Kanjuro should also hate dragons if he was truly loyal to Oden like Kin'emon was.

    Honestly, if anything, this reveal kind of made Kanjuro more interesting to me, since he didn't really stand out all that much otherwise IMO.


    This translation is much better.

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