BOOKSHELF TOUR – 2020 Edition


It’s here, and it’s huge. Forgive the HOUR AND A HALF that this ended up being but I’m so happy to share with you guys a snapshot of my bookshelves!

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✩ FAQ’s ✩
▻ Bookshelves: The Billy Bookshelves in White, from IKEA
▻ Filming Camera: Canon Rebel T6i
▻ Vlogging Camera: Canon G7x Mark II
▻ Annotating Stickies:


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  1. Beautiful set up, nice listening to you, subscribed to your channel) I will be very thankful if you check out my rhyming fables channel) always ready for collaborations and friendships

  2. this video was a lot longer for me because I kept stopping to add books to my amazon wish list and my goodreads 😂

  3. Hey I love your books videos and you are awesome with many books in your shelves and you have like a lots and lots of books than the number of books I have in my room. Kerp making videos and thanks.

  4. i could be wrong but i think she likes stitch.

    which makes sense since stitch is one of the best disney characters

  5. El ateneo is the best! I am from Argentina and it’s one of my fav spots! Me and my best friend always go there ❤️ and you can have a coffee and cake also ! ☕️

  6. Anne of Green Gables is one of my comfort books that I read for the first time when I was like 11, you have to read it!

  7. The only sensible sorting method (to me) is alphabetical. It's the only way I can ever find my books back without looking for them for ages!

    But I can see things such as genre first, then alphabetical, but I don't have enough books for that (I think I own about 125 of those bad boys, but that's all types of genres).

  8. Hello sister i loved it your collection of books are so lovely but i feel jealous because i also want these books but i can't afford to buy these books so kinldy i request u can u give me a some book after you read it because i belong from very very poor family again kindly give me some used books i love books & read

  9. The two small shelves i own are organized by books I'm excited to read, books i want to re-read, and favorite novels and series. The other shelf has everything else that won't fit; the order does change from time to time.

  10. I’m finally getting around to finishing this tour. And I wanted you to know that LJ Smith did finish the Vampire Diaries series. But she had to self publish them. They are on Kindle. It’s called Evensong part 1&2. The publishers wouldn’t let her finish the series the way she wanted to, so she did it this way to finish it the way she wanted.

  11. i organize mine by favorite series and then i have a tiny bookshelf dedicated to all my sarah j maas books, my fav author, that i have to stack because hers are too tall for that shelf

  12. i did it by genre, then by series. i keep young adult books together, then i our young adult books of a similar plot near each other, then i organize all the series of that description together

  13. you should read PAPER PRINCESS!! is series of five books. paper princess is the first book. It is one of the best series i've ever read. I also love vampires acadamy and bloodline. i just thought that bloodline is better, but probably because i've read it before vampire acadamy.

  14. “I’m praying that it’s not gonna be another hour long video again” comes out with hour and a half video

  15. I want a bookshelf like yours. But because I'm so broke, I mostly borrow books from my school library or read on my phone

  16. I organize mine based on whether or not I love them 😂 The ones closest to reach are my favs! and then by authors, and how the book covers work together… And then it’s by genre… yeah it’s so random, but it works for me 🤷🏻‍♀️


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