BOOKSHELF TOUR 2020 | my home library & how I organize books


Many of you messaged me with requests to see my home library at my parents’ place so here it is— A BOOKSHELF TOUR ! I had a lot of fun going down memory lane with some of these books! This is a room that means so much to me….I’ve been reading since I was in grade 6 (I’m 23 now), so this collection really does represent my childhood/teen years. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you recognize any titles in the comments below 🙂

*Billy Shelf (Wide):
*Billy Shelf (Narrow):
Media Shelf (GNEDBY Shelf unit—no longer available)
*Harry Potter:
*Twenties Girl:
*City of Bones:
*The Alchemyst:
*Vampire Academy:
*Blue Bloods:
*Iron King:
*The Summoning:
*Unbecoming of Mara Dyer:
*Shatter Me:
*Anna and the French Kiss:
*A Court of Thorns and Roses:
*K.A. Tucker:
*Lux Series:

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  1. I love your normal planner/study content but this video spoke to my soul as I am starting to dedicate a room in my house as a library.

    I would love to see more bookish content on your channel!!!

  2. I hope you make more videos about books, book reviews, book you’re reading, recommendations, etc 💜 I just really love how you read whatever you like and what makes you happy, which is what we should all do. Some booktubers only read for trends and hate on books just because everyone else hates them… it makes me so sad 🙁

  3. Thank god you're also organising your books by author!💖 My mom thinks it's so weird that I do it like that, but it's just the best way in my opinion.

  4. There are a few series I'm so happy you showed, because I love those so much, but at least where I live I haven't found many people who read and liked them. The Summoning, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and Shatter me are one of my all time favourite series along with The Selection which I also saw on your shelf.
    I adore your library, I wish I had one like it, but I don't have nearly enough space and I mostly borrow from the local library.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow this place its too Cool. I really want something like that and thats the reason i dont like digital books, i really want to wacht them!

  6. Wow you look like my older sister's volleyball teammate😳 I live in italy if you wanna meet your doppelgänger 😂

  7. Omg looking at all your books on your book makes me so jealous! The lux series, and across the universe, so many good reads!

  8. Wow thats A LOT of books! Some of those books look super interesting. The ones I've been reading lately are more about the psychology of our minds, financial literacy and optimizing our youth 🙂 If any of those topics interest you, you should check them out!

  9. The Iron King series was such a throwback when you mentioned it. I was completely obsessed with this series!

  10. I love your Twilight shelf!!! I’m glad to see it still loved. I love it so much even all these years later! Are you going to read Midnight Sun?

  11. I loved this video! I used to read a lot when I was in secondary school, but then stopped for a bit when I got into college… Now I want to start reading again and your video came to me in just the right time 🙂
    Also, I didn't see the Hunger Games saga here… Have you read those? Because they are of my favourites!!

  12. Hi Caitlin! How did you decide which books to take with you to college? It’s honestly the most stressful thing about college for me right now😂

  13. I read The Summoning and Cinder, I just don't like the genre…. but I know they are amazing books for that genre.

  14. How did you know I was getting into bookish things?? I love this!! I think it’s so cool how you have ARCs <3~ Quarantine has gotten me into the booktube side of things and im so excited for more from you 😍❣️❣️

  15. Props to your brother for Rick Riordan. Definitely my favorite author since I was a sixth grader and I'm 21 now lol. I can't wait for more book content! That room is my dream! 😭

  16. I love the K.A. Tucker and Katie McGarry books I saw on your shelves! Totally in love with The Simple Wild and Nowhere But Here.

  17. for all book and non-book lovers. I have a dare ( it's okay if you won't do it) I dare you to read your bible and pray everyday

  18. Twilight is what got my sister into reading as well and my parents were happy to buy her every vampire series after that just to see her read. So cool about the ARC books. I can imagine that receiving those was very exciting. My excitement was waiting in line at midnight to get my Harry Potter book when it was released.

  19. LOVE this! I thought I was enough of a minimalist now to not want a library anymore, but one look at this and I’m like “screw it I’ll just never move again it’s worth it”.😂💜


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