European eTour – Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 2020


Watch the first ever European eTour from Abu Dhabi where the Best World Golf Tour (WGT) Gamers will go head to head at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. The winner of this European eTour event will win a place in the eTour final in Dubai in November 2020.


Welcome to the Official YouTube channel of the European Tour. Every week you can find extended tournament highlights and individual player highlights from the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood in events on the Race to Dubai. This is also the home of the 14 Club Challenge, Little Interviews, Fastest Hole and many more challenges, pranks and world record attempts featuring the biggest golfers in the world.



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  1. The second event is at Made in Denmark, and qualifications are open already. You can tee off here:

  2. Guy on 18 intentionally goes for the cart path off the tee in hopes to tie the match and the camera doesn’t even show the shot!!??

  3. These guys are not great by any means. I stopped playing WGT because I reached Level 100 and every hole with my calculations was Eagle or Birdie at worst…. certainly these guys are not the best??? Are they???

  4. I am a esporter myself and played several games on international competition level. But i dont see any skill in this, is there some clarification?

  5. I kinda enjoy watching esport but this is ridiculous. I see golf as an irl sport and this has nothing to do with it. At least rename this, European etour puts shame on real Euro tour.


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