European eTour Championship – WGT Golf – Finals

Du Lịch

Eight of the best players from around the world in the most popular online golf game “World Golf Tour” by Topgolf will go head-to-head in knockout match play format for a prize fund of $5,000 – the biggest prize pool in an eSports golf tournament.


. The event is taking place on May 23-24 at the Made in Denmark tournament held in the Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort in Denmark.

. Quarterfinals was played on May 23 while the semifinals and Grand Final is played today.

. Eight players from all over the world will battle it out for a prize pool of $5,000.



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28 thoughts on “European eTour Championship – WGT Golf – Finals

  1. Excellent gutted I missed it live, well done to players involved absolutely fantastic guys, CONGRATULATIONS!! to fmagnets (Chris), very unlucky in the final WalkOfLife (Jo) that ding mojo and a player of fmagnets not a the best combo better luck this year, looking forward to this years Tournament in a few weeks time,

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  4. 03/052020 ive just watched the final WOW WHAT A GAME .but one little thing the coins of the players was off the planet how do they get all them !!!!!!!!!! ive been playing this game for years but its very very hard to sort coins but you can get them the wrong way with coin generators ???????????????? but still love the game

  5. This is ridiculous. I understand that there are people who simply cannot play golf irl but games have nothing to do with real sports.

  6. This was awesome to watch it should be on like golf is I’d watch it as well as normal golf. Great job guys

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