How To Have An Amazing Day In Riga, Latvia


Riga, Latvia is a popular stop on a Baltic cruise and there’s a lot you can see in one day. In this video, we spend the day exploring Riga for the first time and seeing all the top attractions the city has to offer. We begin at Dome Square in the heart of the Old Town and head down a skinny street of stars to St. Peter’s Church, which is almost as old as the city of Riga itself. Next we stop for some good luck at the Bremen Town Musicians, one of the most popular places to take a photo in the city. Next is House of the Blackheads, an absolutely gorgeous merchant house that has been a pillar of Riga society for centuries. You can see the medieval cellars and gloriously rebuilt exterior. Right outside, don’t miss the marker dedicated to Riga’s first Christmas tree too! Later we go to Riga’s Central Market, which is the largest market in Europe – yes, all of Europe. One glimpse will tell you why: it’s housed in five repurposed Zeppelin hangars. Extremely unique and a must see in Riga. Visit the Centrālais Food Court here for great food options that are cheaper than you’ll typically find around the Old Town. To end the night, we head to a subterranean restaurant called Rozengrāls that has been around since 1293! Here you’ll find the city’s first well, caverned ceilings, and everything lit by candles. We try Riga Black Balsam, a traditional and much beloved Latvian drink with a secret recipe. It was once used to cure Catherine the Great of an ailment! This place oozes atmosphere and fun and we highly recommend a visit.


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25 thoughts on “How To Have An Amazing Day In Riga, Latvia

  1. **Reminder that this video was filmed before coronavirus – we are not travelling at this time** 👉Would you try Riga Black Balsam? The sweeter one or the extra strong original?


  3. The Templar's treasure seems to be everywhere, Oak Island, Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, St Sulpice in Paris. Who knows might be buried in my yard.

  4. Blackcurrant juice is best for flu! We grow blackcurrant bushes and I love the juice when it's hot. The best thing for a flu, or just to drink in winter. You feel you drink in liquid health. Didn't know there's that old church that goes almost to the establishment of the city! But of course the Livonian knights would make a major effort to build a cathedral first. The restaurant with the well would be my pub if I lived the city, it's a travel back in time!

  5. Ok, so yes I guess we're all pretty stressed out here in north America with this exploding C19, but this episode is a welcome relax visual getaway. Black balsam? Wow, this might be a cure 😯
    Hope all is well home in Canada.
    Best wishes, James and Kim

  6. Stunning architecture on that House of the Blackheads! @1:51 Wow! Love those star lights 🙂 Hehe Your reaction to the drink @8:15! Priceless!! I'd prefer the sweeter version for sure 🙂
    Thinking of you and your loved ones guys 🙂

  7. So .. Christmas 🎄 year round? I didn't quite get.
    Latvia .. as mentioned before .. You are there. Well that's where the Chicago Blues play! Perhaps Not in your neighborhood, Staying. I would have stayed behind, but That's myBLUES WORLD 🎶❤😉!! Enjoy your next 🥰 Travel!

  8. Such a charming and beautiful city! I think you found the prettiest street right off the bat, and glad you returned when the stars lit up the alley at night. What a great use for the old zeppelin hangars! I love markets, too. I'd have loved to see the medieval buildings before they were destroyed by war. Riga looked pretty devastated in the photograph you showed. Was St. Peter's Church also damaged?
    I am fascinated by food and drink as medicine, especially traditional recipes, so I love that you featured the Riga Black Balsam drink. From your reactions, it looked pretty strong, so it must have been an effective medicine for it to be still made today.

  9. Hah. This reminds me that I still have some goodies stored in the fridge/freezer from my visit to Latvia 3 years ago… a few cans of sprats (very fishy smell and taste but good), small bottle of Riga black balsam, homemade flower honey, and various savouries (incl a delish dried dark rye bread with garlic flavour).

  10. We have been to Germany twice in the last 3 years and I can’t believe all the graffiti ever where . Very disappointing.

  11. A friend in latvia tells me the russians are stubborn about learning the local language, and expect latvians to learn theirs… Rude

  12. we also had a fabulous time visiting Riga in the summer. The Central Market is even bigger in summer, because they extend to the outdoor area, all filled with booths. Latvian food is simply delicious. I have a deep admiration for the entire Baltic region. Even though they went through rough (that's an understatement) times, they came out on top and kept their identities.

  13. I love your vlogs but I am surprised because you are not create a India vlog in your channel at the moment.
    India is every body's bucket list country like everyone's so if you love travel India is a must visit destination for travelers and tourists. Without India your travel journey never ever complit.

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