Most Beautiful City in Vietnam | Exploring Hoi An – The City of Lanterns


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Our final expeditions episode is here 🙁 we have arrived in our last spot – Hoi An. Here we spent a few days exploring one of the most beautiful cities here in Vietnam – also known as the city of Lanterns.

After doing the Hai Van Pass from Hue down to Hoi Ann (absolutely stunning by the way) we checked into our hotel and headed out to explore the city.

First stop was picking up group hats, before going out onto the river to celebrate the lantern festival that takes place every full moon.

The next day we were on the hunt for some local dishes – we tried the famous Banh Mi and coconut coffee.

Check out our Vietnam Street food video:

On our second last day we held a workshop day with everyone on the expeditions, teaching them everything we know about running a successful YouTube channel, travelling full time and how we started doing this.

On our final day we headed out onto the rice fields by bikes before stopping off at a local farm to learn how the majority of the population of Vietnam works and lives, before learning how to cook our own Vietnam pancakes.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this trip unforgettable 🙂

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