ONE PIECE Chapter 974 | Review & Recap


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The chapter title of One Piece 974 is: Onward to Onigashima

Let me know your thoughts and feedback on this One Piece 974+ review of the one piece manga! This is my direct life reaction after the chapter release.

In this One Piece chapter review I discuss and review One Piece Chapter 974 of the one piece manga.

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28 thoughts on “ONE PIECE Chapter 974 | Review & Recap

  1. Hey everyone! I freshened up my review structure a bit, so I hope you guys get a bit more out of my review. let me know what you think 🙂 Also, I´m excited to see how many of you will submit some artwork. In case you do, maybe leave me a comment here 🦊🧡Stay safe out there and read One Piece!

  2. And Kanjuro was wearing a Kabuki costume… the foreshadowing was there… Marco the Theorist is sooo awesome…

  3. Don't you think Denjiro would have sent some kind of hint of Kanjiro's betrayal if he knew? I think he was in the dark about who was the traitor.

  4. I don’t know why I always love your out row “like always you can also dislike,not share and unsubscribe it’s a free world people “

  5. I really liked this chapter and I’m very excited for Onigashima as well. I have a question though: do you think Luffy/Law/Kid and their crews with the help of the rest of the Straw Hat Fleet, Jinbe, and the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates will be enough to take on Big Mom/Kaido and their crews? P.S. I kind of hope Katakuri shows up but I know that’s a stretch lol

  6. I don't think Danjiro knew about Kanjuro. If he did, Hyori would have known, she at last would have told Kinemon. Now it is possible she did, and Kinemon set Kanjuro up, but i doubt it and also hope that's not where it goes.

  7. Hey @Ohara ! Ich finde es so unglaublich gut, dass du Videos auf Englisch produzierst. Ich habe bisher keinen deutschen OP youtuber angetroffen, der Videos, Podcasts oder Analysen auf deinem Level macht. Ich verstehe die englische Sprache natürlich, aber es fällt mir grade einfacher auf deutsch zu schreiben. Selbst unter den englischsprachigen OP Youtubern befindest du dich Contentwise auf dem höchsten niveau. Props gehen raus an dich. Du hast es sehr weit geschafft und es ist noch sehr viel Luft nach oben von den Abonnenten und views her. Your videos have the quality we needed, Much love from germany!


    Who the hell collects corpse hair for paintbrushes? It’s such an odd start for him joining Oden, especially because he was a terrible artist with minimal fighting skills. Also, the kabuki look kinda tipped me off.

  9. At sea you Fight Pirates
    When Luffy said that last fkin awesome line I had goosebumps all over my body.

    Edit : I think there's gonna be another plot twist, since we have big mom to fight as well, I think SHL is gonna use Kanjuro maybe like give him a bigger role in the play where he will die magnificently, cuz we see kaido suspecting Kanjuro yet Orochi didn't…. Idk just a theory

  10. Maybe im reading too much into this but……
    I dont think Kanjiro is actually a kurozumi, he is a mentally unstable lost soul whos searching for a way to die with a purpose. Orochi put that character for him to play because of his parents death (which i beleive orochi orchestrated). Kanjiro not knowing what do do with himself became after his loss and only knowing acting from watching his parents perform in theater, he searched for a purpose orochi gave him that purpose, but when meeting with oden he found another purpose which is why he never resented the other scabbards, he actually beleived he was a scabbard whilst also beleiving he was a kurozumi. I think and hope in the coming chapters he will turn on orochi amd refind his purpose as a scabbard

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