OUR Round of 16 EUROPA LEAGUE PREDICTIONS – Including: Rangers vs Bayer Leverkusen, LASK vs Manchester United (Man United), Olympiakos vs …


38 thoughts on “OUR Round of 16 EUROPA LEAGUE PREDICTIONS

  1. I really like your content, but i would prefer if you shot everything in one go (German fan btw). I think that no one minds when you misspeak but these hard cuts (especialy with the lighting) are more distractring. You guys are great, so I think that everyone just wants to see your content. There is no reason to edit it so much.

  2. If your dad said that Leverkusen never did better than round of 16, he is wrong. We won this sh*t in 1988!!☝🏻

  3. Did you hear in the news thogden they might stop the football season early and the euros are in doubt if this pandemic goes on hope you and family are OK in this virus ♧♧♧♧

  4. Maybe you could make an reaction at home watching the games. Dortmund schlake without a thogden review would be a shame 😄

  5. Tutorial How to lose every bet (olympiacos fan here) You are idiots bcs everytime you we will lose and you eat our red and white balls

  6. Great vlog! Shame that you had so many cool football trips cancelled. The Berlin derby would have been really special. The European games behind closed doors have really lacked any excitement or spectacle, which goes to show that football is nothing without fans.

  7. Comme to Bosnia and Hercegovina bc in 21.03.2020 is gonna play fk sarajevo vs fk zeljeznicar on kosevo stadion its the BEST DERBY ING BIH

  8. I think you are way off the mark suggesting having no fans favours the home team. It surely favours the away team.

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