Redmi's Biggest Online Product Launch | #ProCamerasMaxPerformance


Join us live for the biggest ever #Redmi online product launch! Participate in our giveaway and stand a chance to win prizes worth ₹9 Lakhs. We’re also giving …


24 thoughts on “Redmi's Biggest Online Product Launch | #ProCamerasMaxPerformance

  1. Xiaomi we want a smartphone from Redmi India which have
    ●Super Amoled 60/90hz full hd+ display with under display finger print punch hole or dot notch
    ●720g Soc
    ●30w fast charging
    ●4500/5000mah battery
    ●Glass build with gg5
    ●64/48mp quard camera setup with telephoto lens
    ●20/32mp front camera
    Under 17000 if you want compite with realme or other brands
    It's my feedback take it positive
    Hope so in upcoming 6/7months we see a smartphone from redmi with these specifications 👍✌️

  2. join the WhatsApp group for know about new launch product in india

  3. My favourite 3 features #RedmiNote9ProMax
    1) 33w fast charger (inbox) and 5020MaH 🔋
    2) NaVic 🇮🇳
    3)64 MP AI quad Camera📷

  4. #RedmiNote9Pro
    #Ans1)- Redmi powerd by Xioami.
    #Ans2)- 100M+
    #Ans3)- Interstellar Blue.
    #Ans4)- 64 megapixel primary camera and 32 megapixel selfie camera in #RedmiNote9ProMax.
    #Ans5)-5020MAh battery and 33W fast charger in the box
    #Ans6)- NavlC India's first navigation system which is proud for us.
    #Ans7)- Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor where G mins Gaming processor.
    #Ans8)- the favorite features in
    #RedmiNote9pro and
    #RedmiNote9ProMax are:-
    1st- Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor
    2nd- 5020MAh battery
    3rd- 33W charger
    4th- Indian navigation system NavlC
    5th- triple Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection
    6th-64 megapixel primary camera in #RedmiNote9ProMax and
    32 megapixel slow motion selfie camera in #RedmiNote9Pro
    7th- Beautiful curve Design
    8th- side fingerprint sensor
    9th- great camera setup with 5 megapixel micro camera
    #Ans9)- I thought the price for
    #RedmiNote9Pro is starting with 13999 Indian rupees and
    For #RedmiNote9ProMax is 15999 Indian Rupees
    Bt we already know about Mi Community which is always build best mobile under low budget so as expected you launch better pricing and surprising all over Indian people

  5. Ans :- Q1. Xiaomi is India's No. 1 Phone Brand. Constant Innovation; Impeccable craftsmanship; Immersive experience;
    Q2. Total no. of Redmi device sold in india is more than 100 millions
    Q3. My favourite colour of #RedmiNote9ProMax is Interstellar Black
    Q4. #RedmiNote9ProMax comes with a 64 MP primary camera and a 32 MP Selfie camera.
    Q5. #RedmiNote9ProMax comes with a 5020 mah battery and super fast 33W in box-charger.
    Q6. #RedmiNote9ProMax comes with Navic, that is India's first navigation system.
    Q7. #RedmiNote9ProMax and #RedmiNote9Pro come with super powerful, latest Qualcomm 720G processor.
    Q8.My favourite feature of #RedmiNote9Pro is:-
    *720g processor
    *48 mp quad camera
    *5020 Battery

    My favourite feature of
    #RedmiNote9ProMax is :-
    * 33watt Charger
    * Navic system
    * 64Mp primary camera
    Q9. @RedmiIndia #HonestPrice of #RedmiNote9Pro is
    4GB + 64 GB -; 12999rs
    6GB + 128 GB -; 15999rs
    #RedmiNote9ProMax is
    6GB + 64 GB -; 14999rs
    6GB + 128 GB -; 16999rs
    8GB + 128GB -; 18999rs
    #ProCamerasMaxPerformance #ILoveRedmiNote

  6. I was hoping that mi note 9 pro will come with 5g as other companies had started providing
    Please give Snapdragon 460 processor in mi9a

  7. 1 :- XIAOMI
    2 :- 100M+
    4 :- 64MP AND 32MP
    5 :- 5020MAH AND 33W
    6 :- NAVIC
    7 :- SPD 720G
    8 :- top 3 features are
    9 :- REDMI NOTE 9 PRO 12999
    Biggest wish to win

  8. Q1. Xiaomi♥
    Q2.Over 100 million
    Q3. Interstellar Aurora blue as always
    Q4.Comes with a 64 megapixel camera with 32 megapixel selfie camera
    Q5.5020Mah battery and 33W super fast charger in box
    Q7.Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor
    Q8. #RedmiNote9ProMax my three favorite features
    Q9. Honest price for RedmiNote 9 Pro is 12,999 and RedmiNote9Pro is 14,999

  9. I was eager to know about the specification of note 9 series before launching note series.
    After watching the launch event my reaction was very bad 😒😒. Because i was expect more from xiaomi.
    You should have launched note 9,.. note 9 pro only. I can understand why you launched max series because you wanted to launch the upgrade version of more 9 pro

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