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47 thoughts on “TAEYANG – WHITE NIGHT 'Intro' M/V

  1. I really thought that this will be finished when taeyang was finished with his military duties. I guess I'm wrong😔

  2. Thực sự bài hát quá tuyệt,chỉ những thành viên của BIGBANG-Vua Kpop,Taeyang mới có thể ❤️

  3. This whole album is so underrated, Taeyang himself is underrated. I've been playing his music on loop for the past 3-4months. I don't speak Korean, but I know everything single words he ever sung. My bias, I love you!

  4. 2020 i still say i wanna full version of this song

    2020년에도 와서 말합니다 풀버전으로 내주세요

  5. viruss đưa tôi đến đây, các bạn Việt Nam ơi hãy cho tôi thấy những cánh tay 👍👍👍

  6. Who need autotune when we have taeyang 😚 i think vips sleep on this album….taeyang needs to promote this album more becoz not many know about this masterpiece

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