Tom Hanks Updates Fans on His and Rita Wilson's Health


The actor took to Instagram to update fans on his health, including a photograph with his wife Rita Wilson.

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37 thoughts on “Tom Hanks Updates Fans on His and Rita Wilson's Health

  1. Hanks was sick at the awards in 2019 to late on Not spreading wohan flu

    Hey, call Bill Gates for the cure right


  2. This just promotion for his new movie or something. Come on guys he is an actor of course he can beat the corona virus or even cancer that’s how good of an actor this guy is. Stop being fed by the media and ask questions.

  3. Hope you get over it your the best actor ever love every thing you have done my faverate move ever is capton phillips and the burbs hope you and your wife get better soon

  4. I hear they insist that the room service cart for mr Hanks and his wife is scrubbed 3 times daily sometimes 4 for late night snacks

  5. Who cares about these people. Why don’t they just go into a bunker an never come out. They have done nothing but drag our president in the mud. I use to like him but after all his garbage that’s changed.

  6. The whole world loves you….. GOD bless you and your family. Thanks also for been best Greek Christian orthodox……..

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