Welcome To My World – Elvis Presley


The 25 Anniversary Concert Live From Memphis – Best Picture & Sound Quality

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  1. I really love this song because I really love you Susan I would marry it would make my life would my dreams would be the best time of life I for real in your heart baby I love you

  2. Господи,храни Америку.Пока мои соотечественники сидели в сталинских лагерях,в Америке пел Элвис .

  3. 0:44 such a rude lady!!! LOL

    aside from that i love elvis Presley and im in love with this song all by itself, the two combined just makes my day thinking about it. ♡ RIP ♡ You're an icon and role model to many people still to this very day and so forth, you're always with us.

  4. He died so young..such a shame…he gave so much and had so much more to give..Miss that beautiful soul and voice..RIP Elvis we will always love you.

  5. I remember doing some work in this nice ladies house back in around 1974 after he did the show in Vegas or Hawaii and she just lit up and asked me if I had seen his show the previous night. I had watched it and I knew what she was talking about. He was the best. No one came close. Just my opinion of course.

  6. Overworked and drugs killed him was way to young 42 is sad but his memories lives on , I like Elvis version best.

  7. That moment you would like your friends could understand English and this wonderful lyrics and the poetry in it. 😍

  8. Elvis e o melhor do mundo ao meu ponto de vista sou de 86 e tenho pena dessa geração que não conhece música


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