World Health Organization holds a news conference on coronavirus outbreak – 3/11/2020


World Health Organization officials hold a press conference Wednesday to update the public on the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected more than 119,476 and killed at least 4,291, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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World Health Organization holds a news conference on the coronavirus outbreak – 3/11/2020


21 thoughts on “World Health Organization holds a news conference on coronavirus outbreak – 3/11/2020

  1. I think you need to ring the alarm louder because the dumb and dumber leaders POTUS and VP of the USA are clueless.

  2. Indian state Kerala helth minister very systematicly controlling against covid 19 …mrs.Shylaja teacher very inteligent…her team system taking very agressive action…WHO also can use her experiance

  3. The world health organization (WHO) to say the Basic protective measures against the new Noronavirus.

    watch >>

  4. Meanwhile it's slowing down in China. I don't know what this means for the future but hopefully it's good news.

  5. An internet search gives: World population 7.8 Billion. Deaths due to Coronovirus 4,300 (So far)? The total deaths attributed to the 2018-19 flu/influenza season allegedly 34,200. Were there any repeated or regular public reports of the deaths in 2018-19 which seemingly amounted to 8 x Coronavirus amount – so far. How long does this 'flu/influenza season' last for? What is the projected death total for corona virus? Is coronavirus (in layman terms) a kind of super-flu with similar spreading and results as other common strains or is it going to be like 1918 with millions dying? Without accurate clear figures and predictions the current lock-down of populations could be seen as unnecessary panic – yet if this is going to be like 1918 and people are well informed then lock-down situations would be welcomed and understood.

  6. My doctor came in with his nurse to check me for this flue but mean time my doctor was licking his fingers just getting back from lunch. If this viruses was such a deadly threat my doctor's seem to not take it so serious and death defining… People need to open there eyes 😂👀

  7. Incompetent and still lying..when you sounded the alarm it was too late. You lost the window of opportunity to avoid global spread of virus. You did not account that China and South Korea are rich countries and have the means to limit the negative impact of covid. What about the poor countries? No/ limited test kits = No/limited cases reported.

  8. Why don't they talk about what's being done to find a cure,and what these doctors are doing besides talking, talking, and more talking. What is really being done to save us all? Who is WHO? They are worthless…

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