Zen Tour Synergy Core – Features and Workflow with Producer Danny Trachtenberg


Storing immense power and enough connectivity options to cover the needs of a small band, the latest addition to the Synergy Core range is in the capable hands of one of the UK music scene’s finest. Watch Danny Trachtenberg take a tour of the interface – outlining all the connectivity options and his recording and production workflow with the device.

Record your sound while monitoring with effects emulating classic analog gear. Perform with zero latency on the live stage. Perfect your sound with its pro-class conversion, truly efficient FX processing method, dedicated DAC on the monitor outs, Reamp outs, DC-coupled analog line outs, and more. ⁠

Pre-order the new Zen Tour Synergy Core audio interface until the 30th of April and get five premium plugins as a bonus.

About Danny Trachtenberg
With 9 years of experience in audio production, Danny’s work spans music, film, and advertising, with clients including George Ezra, Octavian, Jorja Smith, Reebok, Red Bull, Sony Music, Universal Music, XL Recordings and Liam Hodges. Reach out to him on Instagram at @dannyglt.

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  1. I really loved the first version of the zen tour but really had a hard time with the drivers. They would always crash and need to be up dated. Then it need repair 🤦🏾‍♂️‼️ I have owned Motu, Apogee and Metric halo some cards and I’ve never had as many problems as I did with my antelope is in tour I would like to get another piece from them but very gun shy. Have they made any software improvements in the last year?

  2. Hey there, May I ask you a critical question about the Andelope please? I am a UAD User UA Apollo Quad MKii to be exact. Using this audio interface as my main real time recording. we all know that apollo has powerfull products. But, I am using in on a windows based PC i9 9900k 64gb ram through Cubase 9.5 pro and I got Many problems with crackligs and latencies. (This is the problem when you buy Apple products and try to make them manually suitable for windows pcs). Do I Have same problems with this Andelope Interface using it on Windows?

  3. Can you daisy chain this to an Orion? Would be cool to use this as a controller and to get extra DSP/FPGA & I/O at the same time.


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